Moving Into A College Dorm

Friday, 11 August 2017 by
Some dorm moving tips for a parent and their college student at an exciting time in their life. Start with measurements of dorm living space, bed sizes, along with a sketch of what goes where and a list of what is needed and what would be nice to bring; be sure to check as to

Moving With Children Activities

Thursday, 13 July 2017 by
Family Meeting or Pizza Night with your kids to discuss the move and be opened to questions. Talk about change of schools or new activities. Planning or decorating their new room-photos of the new room. You can work on the theme or colors of their new room. Throw a Good Bye Slumber Party or See
Moving Expense Deductions If you moved to a new location because of work this year, you may qualify to use IRS Form 3903 to claim the cost of your moving expenses as a deduction on your federal income tax return. You deduct your moving expenses by using Tax Form 3903 and if more than one

Moving Elderly Parents

Thursday, 09 March 2017 by
Grandma Fonti
I was blessed to have known my sweet and loving grandmother along with the privilege of observing her age gracefully during her golden years. A year after my grandfather died, at the age of seventy-one she moved to Marfa, Texas to leave the memories of the retirement home they had built together to live close
Long Distance Moving
Offering small moves to and from select locations. Check below for a list of cities we’ll be moving customers to or from this month. If you live in or around any of the destinations below we can pick up or deliver anywhere in-between. Houston To New York – November 13th Houston To Miami, FL- November
We’re headed up to Connecticut later this week to see the fall colors! And of course, to do a great job on a customer’s long-distance move. But we’ll be happy to come back to Houston-especially if we can handle your small move on the way back. Offering small out of state moves to select locations.
Learn to protect yourself against moving fraud. For more information on interstate moving visit and download the free moving checklist.
Offering small out of state moves to select out-of-state locations. We have a truck headed to Seattle this week, and we want to handle your small move on the way back. So if you need to move anything from Washington State or anywhere in between there and Houston, now’s the time to share a truck.
The Search for Your Street: Tips for Researching a New Community Any move requires a ton of preparation – from packing and cleaning to setting up new utilities and arranging for your mail to be forwarded.  But perhaps the most challenging type of move is a move to an entirely new city.  In addition to
Offering small moves and shipments to and from Texas and select out-of-state locations. This week we’re heading to Virginia, North Carolina and NY – any backhauls, small shipments going East or coming back we have room. If you have a small move or single item shipment along the way, we’ll stop and pick up your



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