Painting Painting your home interior or exterior will instantly update your home look. Neutral and traditional colors are the best colors to paint to appeal to the majority of buyers. The soft power of heather grays, light beige and whites finds serenity in a home. You will want to repair nails holes and minor dings

Preparing for Hurricane Season

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Preparation and timing are the most useful tools to help you and your family or your business minimize the impact to the storm. There are 5 hurricane categories. Category 1 74-95 mph wind; There are some damage of fallen trees, flooding and power outage for days to weeks. Category 2 96-110 mph wind There can

Moving Out Of State

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Out of State truck
Hiring professional movers for out of state moves helps you save time and money and makes your move more successful. You will want to hire a nationwide mover with the proper credentials. A registered mover will be assigned a USDOT number, MC number and TxDMV number. All interstate moves are regulated by the Federal Motor

Relocating Your Office

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Relocating your office requires strategic planning and intense preparation for a smooth transition. Managing your employees and office items will make your office relocation successful. Office Preparations can start of 6 months up to two years.   Moving Day Hire Movers with experience, resources and manpower required to do the move. The moving company should
Media room
Your media room can set the stage for the perfect relaxing movie theater. Organizing your electronics, art work and media furniture before the move will help you stay organized. A layout of your future media and game room will help you design your media room. You want to have surrounded sound system, home theater lighting,
Moving and Cleaning your Utility Room When moving your utility room you want to disconnect your washer and dryer. You will want to clean your washer to get rid of dirt and buildup of detergent. You should clean your washing machine once a month. If you have a top loader, choose the clean cycle and
Moving your Pet Your pet can become very stressful when it’s time to move. You want to make sure you have a good veterinarian, groomer and a day care for your precious pets in your new city. Your pets should have all their shots updated and have their current medication. Routine is very important to
An outdoor fountain can turn your outdoor living into an inviting and relaxing space for your home. Water fountains create an aesthetic and artistic look to your home. Check your Source of Power Outdoor fountains have variety of power options with the most common hard wired and solar powered. An electrician can check your hardwired
The first few days in your new home are overwhelming and exciting! Here are some tips to keep your home ready to live in and organized.         Design a Floor Plan and a Moving Checklist A moving checklist is a detailed to do list of the thing to do before and after
You’ll want to clean your patio furniture very well to prevent mildew or mold. Wash all patio furniture with water and detergent and scrub with a brush and rinse. Umbrellas can be washed with mild detergent or an umbrella fabric to clean. The umbrellas should completely dry before going into storage. Fabric cushions can be