Moving Tips


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Be considerate of children and pets. Make arrangements with friends or relatives so they don't get in the way or upset over the commotion.

Retain these items in your possession: cash, jewelry, coin and stamp collections, prescriptions, guns and ammunition, and any other valuables. You must inform us of any high value inventory you want us to move.

Arrange to move yourself: your plants, cleaning fluids, gas tanks, paints, ink cartridges... these items could spill and ruin the furniture or packed boxes. Some items are not transportable at all on interstate moves. Consult with our transportation specialist.

Be sure to do a final walk-through, inside and outside. Make sure all items are loaded at origin and check the truck to make sure everything is unloaded.

Clean your refrigerator out and let dry overnight.

Claims? Call to report any property damage at the time it occurs and note all damage on contract. A claim form must be filed with our company and then repairs are instigated.

You or your representative must be present at packing, loading, and unloading.

Read your contract before you sign!

Moving FAQ's

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A practical guide to interstate moving and your rights and responsibilities.

Moving Checklist

Download a moving checklist to help you get organized before and after your move.