Auction Item Moving & Transport

Now that the auction is over, have you wondered how you're going to transport your eBay items to your buyers? A Better Tripp Moving & Storage has been in the moving business for over a decade and has experience with Auction item moves and shipments. From automobiles to antiques, we offer a high quality auction item moving service with no minimum weight requirement.

Our professional packing option ensures that whatever you've sold will arrive safely at the door of whomever has bought it in pristine condition. Depending upon the item, we use everything from bubble paper to shrink wrap to heavy-duty boxes and tape to make sure the object is shielded from any potential damage. Our air-ride vehicles promise a smooth ride, free of dents, scratches, or breaks.

You know you need a reliable source to keep your eBay seller's status high. Because we value our own business, we take care to value yours as well. Call or email A Better Tripp for a free quote today on your next item shipment move.

Benefits of Using Us For Transporting Auction Items

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