Are you on a hunt to do something special for Easter? Easter celebrations with our family were Church services, Easter bunny visits and family dinners. I loved watching my kids run around looking for colored eggs and rummaging through their baskets for candy. Houston can bring joy to your family this Easter with Easter egg hunts,

Moving Checklist (Updated)

Thursday, 04 March 2021 by
Moving doesn’t have to be as hectic as it seems. We’ve constructed this moving checklist that is full of tips to help you get organized before, during, and after your move. Leave the rest to the expert movers at A Better Tripp!       6-8 Weeks Prior To Moving Draw a floor plan of

Moving In The Winter

Monday, 22 February 2021 by
Moving in the winter does not have to make you anxious or concerned when you are prepared. Professional movers and winter tips will definitely make your life easier when moving. You want to choose reputable movers. Reputable Moving Companies have US Dot numbers, TxDMV number and MC number, accredited BBB, and google reviews. Winter is

Moving From New York to Houston

Monday, 01 February 2021 by
Houston and New York City have similar business sectors and art sector. Many New York citizens are tired of crowd, traffic, high cost of living, and cold weather. The inexpensive cost of living, traveling Broadway shows, great job opportunities, direct flights to almost anywhere, savor cuisines of amazing restaurants, trendy shops, world class museums, diverse

Moving From California To Texas

Friday, 22 January 2021 by
California to Texas
Texas is the most popular destination for Californians who have moved to a new home. The inexpensive cost of living, tax breaks, employment opportunities, less expensive housing, direct flights to almost anywhere, savor cuisines of amazing restaurants, trendy shops, diverse cultures and southern Texas hospitality are offered in Houston, Texas. There is a significant cost
Unique Features
When you are building or moving into a custom home, here are some extra design ideas that add value to your home. These unique features will not only add value to your home yet enhance your lifestyle too.     Extra Storage Extra storage can be added by creating a hidden room with a bookshelf
People are working more at home especially with the COVID-19. Backyard Offices are the great escape from the home and gives you the creativity you need for work. You want your backyard office to be comfortable and functional. Location for the office space should be an area that lacks intense sun exposure. Direct sun is

Moving During The Fall

Tuesday, 20 October 2020 by
Moving during the fall is an awesome time to move for the cooler climates and the greater availability. The rush of back to school has ended and the temperatures have dropped. You want to choose Reputable Moving Companies who have US Dot numbers, TxDMV number, MC number, accredited BBB, and google reviews. Start Early and

Moving & Designing Your Game Room

Wednesday, 30 September 2020 by
Moving your Game Room The pool tables and arcades need to be crated. You would want professional movers to move your pool tables and media equipment. The pool table needs to be disassembled and the media equipment dismounted. Sofas and furniture should have moving blankets and be moved with floor protectors. A game room in
Start by wrapping all your cups and dishes in bubble wrap and box and label. If you still have the boxes for the coffee makers utilize them to pack. Art work and lighting fixtures should be crated. Moving the wooden cabinets’ should have furniture blankets to protect your walls and cabinets. Floor protectors are needed



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