The Search for Your Street: Tips for Researching a New Community Any move requires a ton of preparation – from packing and cleaning to setting up new utilities and arranging for your mail to be forwarded.  But perhaps the most challenging type of move is a move to an entirely new city.  In addition to

The Stage Before the Sale

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The Stage Before the Sale Five tips to help you stage your house for a faster sale By Katherine Adams Is it your New Year’s resolution to sell your house quickly and get your asking price? Real estate experts say it’s possible—provided your house is well priced, well marketed, and perhaps most importantly, well staged.

Five Tips from Your Realtor®

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  By Katherine Adams Real estate agents have seen it all—the good, the bad, and the ugly. They’ve tried to sell houses with everything from fabulous swimming pools and patios to nasty, pet-stained carpets and oh-no-they-didn’t décor. Experienced Realtors know why some houses sit on the market for months and why even some pre-approved buyers

Do You Need a Realtor®?

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By Katherine Adams Shopping trends have definitely moved toward searching online first for the perfect item—whether it’s a new electronic gadget or a new house. For clients entering the real estate market to find a new home in their desired price range and location, build a new home, or sell their current home, the Internet
You’re looking for that perfect home and the old mantra “location, location, location” keeps running through your head. What’s that even mean? Maybe you know that you want a home with an eat-in kitchen, or a fireplace, or a shuffleboard court in the backyard. But knowing what you want in your home isn’t the same
Buying a new home is very exciting. And if you do it right, buying a home can be a great investment. First, however, you’ll need to make sure that the home is truly a good buy. To ensure your new home isn’t a giant money pit, here are four mistakes you’ll want to avoid: Optimistic
Flipped House
“House flipping” is a growing trend in Houston, TX., but for most of us, house flipping is a lot more challenging than expected. Usually, the people who do best have a history as a contractor or construction manager. However, if you’re up for an exciting challenge you’ll want to keep a few things in mind.
Are you moving to a new home? Are you considering making an offer on your dream house? Acquiring a new property is a major commitment, but you can ensure the right decision by asking a few questions.  The following are six questions to help make you a better home buyer. 1) How long are you
Are you renting or moving to an apartment? Renters insurance can be an extremely valuable asset to have. For covered events, renters insurance can help protect you from losses and the cost of liabilities, which can make it a real lifesaver—for you and your wallet. Sound good? Find out more by reading the following five
The following is a guest post from Jarrod Frenzel of The North Star Group.  Jarrod specializes in homes for sale in The Woodlands, TX.   When most people think of updating a home, their first thoughts are cosmetic items.  Big cosmetic updates like a kitchen facelift can really add value to the home, but I